At the direction of those currently experiencing street homelessness, has launched two advocacy campaigns to address urgent needs of street homeless New Yorkers.

The campaigns we choose to pursue are guided by those on the streets, who know what issues are most pressing for street homeless New Yorkers better than anyone else.

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Current Campaigns:


Reforming The “SIGHTINGS” Process

New York City has a “right to shelter,” but after experiencing the shelter system, thousands of people opt to instead sleep on the streets and subways. Those New Yorkers living unsheltered want and need to be connected to case management services as soon as possible to begin their transition off the streets and into housing.

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Co-Sheltering Coalition

In partnership with a coalition of animal rights organizations, we are advocating for pet-friendly shelters and safe havens that allow the co-sheltering of humans and their pets. Our campaign is supported by several members of the City Council, who have introduced legislation to address this pressing issue.

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