We believe that people directly impacted by street homelessness are the experts and should be at the forefront of homelessness policy change.

Human.nyc works to end street homelessness through research, organizing, advocacy, and most importantly by lifting up the experiences and expertise of people directly impacted by street homelessness. We’re the only organization in New York City focusing on street homelessness through organizing current and former street homeless New Yorkers and working on policy change that directly responds to their specific needs.

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Human.nyc was born out of relationships between recent NYU graduates and people experiencing street homelessness.




Originally formed in 2015 as a service organization helping to coordinate the delivery of desperately needed basic items like socks and feminine hygiene products, Human.nyc's founders soon realized that the issues people were facing were shared and in urgent need of systemic solutions.



After a year and a half speaking with people living on the streets, Human.nyc released a 72 page report detailing the extraordinary and specific obstacles street homeless New Yorkers face while living on the streets and trying to move indoors. Meanwhile, the report provides recommendations created in partnership with street homeless individuals.




From there, Human.nyc transitioned into a full-fledged advocacy organization in order to pursue policy change that improves the lives of street homeless New Yorkers and helps smooth the path off the streets.



Our Campaigns

Human.nyc has launched three advocacy campaigns to address urgent needs of street homeless New Yorkers. In response to Human's policy recommendations and advocacy, the City Council has recently introduced two pieces of legislation and more are on the way.

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Our Team


Josh Dean

Executive Director

Lynden Bond, LMSW

Policy & Research Director

Dr. Deborah Padgett